Chicago Neurogenesis

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BCIA defines biofeedback training as a process that enables an individual to learn how to change the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety for the purposes of improving health and performance. Changing these physical states alters and dissipates the emotional state, enabling a person to function in a more relaxed and conscious state, which improves engagement, creativity, and enjoyment of life.


Neurofeedback is an option for children, adolescents, and adults who are looking for a supplemental and/or an alternative treatment option to medication for the treatment of anxiety, depression, attention, mood disorders and problems with alertness. Neurofeedback has been demonstrated to be useful in treating symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders, insomnia, certain developmental disorders, and addictions.


Adolescents and young adults can struggle with extreme pressures related to academia, interpersonal relationships, family responsibilities, complicated family dynamics, financial accountability, extracurricular activities, career decisions, job placement, competition, independence, and other issues that significantly impact many if not all areas of functioning.

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